Films from the Phantom Zone: Failed & Forgotten Comic Book Movies

Oblivion (2013)

April 18, 2022 Arnaldo & Berto Episode 38
Films from the Phantom Zone: Failed & Forgotten Comic Book Movies
Oblivion (2013)
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It's week 2 of the best movie marathon we've ever embarked on, the Tom Cruise-a-thon.  Two weeks, two films, two Tom Cruises (to keep or cancel)!  This film also has a very tenuous comic book/superhero connection.  Let's talk about it!  Oblivion stars Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko, and Andrew Riseborough, and it's directed by Joseph Kosinski.

On Keep or Cancel , we're talking about Tom Cruise again, but this time as a person.  We spend a lot of time discussing Scientology so be prepared for that!

Oblivion (2013) is available on HBO Max!

Time Stamps:

4:40  -  Initial Expectations

7:14  -  Plot

1:08:36  -  Analysis

1:29:51  -  Keep or Cancel

2:04:32 -  Into the Phantom Zone?

Mentioned Links:

Joseph Kosinki commercials:
Halo 3 - Starry Night
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars ship that reminded me of the Bubbleship
Oblivion 2013 Extensive Behind the Scenes Inside Look
Tom Cruise loses his mind on Oprah
Tom Cruise's Heated Interview with Matt Lauer
Tom Cruise Scientology Video
Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath
South Park: S9E12 "What Scientologist Actually Believe"

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